10 WordPress Plugins List Most Wanted by Bloggers

Apart from being used as a blogging platform, wordpress can also be used for various purposes. The CMS function can be used for other needs with the plugin. Many wordpress plugins are used by professional bloggers for add benefits of their sites. These additional components can provide additional features that are beneficial for the owner.

Some other uses of wordpress blog cms include ecommerce, online courses, advertising services, social media, photo galleries, affiliate marketing, and many other examples. Almost all needs can be created with wordpress and its plugins. Not a few also professional bloggers take advantage of the other benefits of wordpress.

Some plugins are provided for free and some are paid. On the official wordpress.org website, you will find a list of free plugins that can be used without paying. These plugins can be a free plan for their basic features. If you want to get the full features, you have to upgrade by paying some money. In addition, the free version can also be obtained through the developer's website page. For premium wordpress plugins only obtained from the developer's site.

Here I do not explain the free or premium version of a wordpress plugins. This article focuses on the list of the 10 most wanted wordpress plugins by professional bloggers to increase blog functionality. The WordPress additional components that are most often searched for include:
  1. WordPress SEO plugins
  2. E-commerce wordpress plugin
  3. Wordpress plugin for online courses
  4. Ads wordpress plugin
  5. Membership wordpress plugin
  6. Wordpress plugin for blog security
  7. Photo gallery wordpress plugins
  8. Contact form plugin
  9. Jetpack wordpress plugin
  10. Affiliate wordpress plugin
Next, I will discuss each category of the most wanted wordpress plugins. I will give details for some examples. For that, keep reading this article to the end.

WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO plugin for wordpress is one of the additional components of a blog that is often sought after. The bloggers of course already know its functions and benefits. Search engine optimization is intended to increase the appearance of a blog or website in Google search results.

If it manages to appear on the first page of a Google search, it will certainly increase the potential for large traffic. Moreover, it is able to occupy number one on the first page of Google search. In today's digital marketing era, this is the dream of every business website owner. Likewise with the owner of a wordpress blog that is used for business purposes.

The high number of visits on the wordpress blog business page will provide great benefits. Huge revenue potential will be obtained if traffic can be converted into customers. After getting big traffic, copy writing articles have a big role in influencing the decision of visitors to become customers.

Not only beneficial for business pages, wordpress blogs that monetize content with google adsense will also get great benefits. Large visits to adsense blogs will provide the potential to increase revenue. Of course this is caused the number of clicks increases as blog traffic increases.

From the description above, we can conclude that wordpress plugins for SEO is very important. This is the reason why almost all bloggers install this wordpress seo plugin. When I first started blogging using wordpress in 2009, I used the all in one seo pack plugin. At that time it was still free. However, now available for free and premium versions.

In this article, I don't mean to promote the plugin. Many other wordpress seo plugins have the ability to improve the seo of a wordpress blog. There are three most recommended wordpress seo plugins, namely:
  • SEO plugin
  • All in one SEO
  • Rank math seo

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin was released in 2008. It's a natural thing, when I started using wordpress as a blog cms in 2009, this plugin was not as popular as it is now. At that time the most popular was the all in one seo pack. However, now the Yoast SEO plugin is very popular and most recommended by bloggers. The recommendation is of course because the advantages and features are very helpful in increasing the seo ranking of the wordpress blog.

This WordPress add-on was developed by Yoast Team with more than 5 million active bloggers and supports fifty-three languages. When viewed from the complete information, this wordpress plugin has a good reputation as seen from its user ratings and reviews reaching 25,801 five stars. An outstanding credit reputation. In addition, the development team is very active in updating. When I wrote this article, this plugin was updates four days ago.

Yoast SEO Plugin Features and Advantages

Yoast SEO plugin is designed for wordpress-based websites to increase SEO rankings so that they are easily found by potential visitors. Features for the free version include canonical URLs, meta tags, advanced XML sitemaps, title and meta description template, an in-depth schema org, site breamcrumbs, and faster loading times advise for blogs. If you want to buy the paid version, you will get other additional features, namely: email support, news seo, video seo, local seo, and woocommerce seo. In addition, the premium package is equipped with a wideranging crawl setting that helps to improve search engine crawl your site.

In addition to the overall SEO needs of the blog, Yoast SEO also supports article optimization. These features include: seo analysis, readability analysis, multi language support, google preview, and innovative scheme blocks for the free version. In the premium package we will get additional features which include internal linking blocks, social media preview, text focuses insight, optimizer for synonyms and related keyphrases, automatic internal linking suggestions, and orphaned content filter.
If we look at the list of features, the Yoast SEO plugin is very powerful for increasing the Google SERP of blog pages. I also use it for my other blogs that use the wordpress CMS (for this blog, I use bloggspot/blogger.com). I also suggest you who are reading this article to use it if you want to get big blog traffic. For the first time, you can try using the free version. If you feel comfortable and want to get high traffic with original articles, you can upgrade to the premium version.

2. All In One SEO Plugin

The second recommended to increase seo is the all in one seo plugin. I often use this wordpress plugin when I first entered the blogging activities using wordpress. I usually use it to generate content titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and xml sitemaps. In general settings we can write the title, description, and keywords of the blog as a whole.

All In One SEO Plugin Features and Benefits

Above I have mentioned some of the features of the all in one seo plugin. But the features I mentioned were for the free version I've ever used. Actually there are many other features for the premium version. If you buy the premium package, you will get open graph seo knowledge panel information, social media integrations, seo search console/ webmaster tool connection, local seo, schema markup for seo, and several other advanced features.

This plugin developed by the All In One SEO Team is very popular in blogger community. Based on my observations during my blogging activities, AIOSEO was the first plugin when I started to create a wordpress blog. At that time his toughness was recognized. Although now there are many competitors. This plugin has 3 million active users.

The all in one seo plugin has three advantages, namely: unlimited seo keywords, xlm sitemap, video seo sitemap, and news seo sitemap. We can optimize the content to be seo friendly with a content analyzer so that it can compete with other blogs. XML sitemap in increasing the seo ranking of all pages by making it easier for search engine crawlers to find site pages. In addition, news and video sitemap perform their roles as desired. Although it can be used by all types of wordpress-based websites, blog owners that contain news and videos are most recommended to use this plugin.

3. Rank Math SEO

This plugin is developed by Rank Math. This seo plugin is a newcomer with active users reaching 1.3 million blogs. As a newcomer, I think it already quite fantastic. Judging from the feature description, I'm quite interested because by using the features provided, I can create a lot of quality content with high SEO rankings. In addition, we can check the growth of the seo rank of each article in the blog.

Rank Math SEO Features and Benefits

When referring to the description and information about the Rank Math SEO plugin, there are several features that can help to improve seo rankings. The features include: artificial intelligent, dynamic suggestion, intelligent recommendations, dynamic keywords, intelligent question, smart link suggestion, extra keyword info, and related keywords. All of these features when optimized, can definitely improve the seo of the blog content have you created.

The advantage I like about the Rank Math SEO plugin is the artificial intelligent system to analyze the competition for the content was created. In the analysis column, will display many tools that you can use. Can use several focus keywords to assess the accuracy of their placement. In addition, you can set the distribution of keywords in the articles was made.

In addition to plugins that directly increase onpage scores, there are also other plugins to improve important aspects of seo, namely the wordpress cache plugin. This plugin helps speed up loading wordpress blog pages. The loading speed of a website affects its seo ranking.

E-commerce WordPress Plugin

After the rapid growth of website technology, many brand and product owners have developed online sales. In order to carry out these efforts, they will definitely try to use the most effective methods. One of the steps taken is using a wordpress blog as a sales site. The sales function on a wordpress blog can be created by adding an ecommerce plugin.
Actually, there are many plugins that can be used to turn a wordpress blog into an online store. However, here I only suggest two wordpress plugins for the marketplace, namely:
  • Woocommerce
  • dokan
Why only discuss the two ecommerce plugins? Because both plugins are recommended by professional bloggers.

1. Woocommerce WordPress Plugin

Blog owners who want to turn their site into a marketplace usually use the woocommerce plugin. Most of them use it because it is considered very powerful to build a sales site. There are so many features that the additional components of wordpress have and are very supportive for building beautiful sales pages.

Some of the features that Woocommerce has include: commerce themes, product blocks, physical showcase, and digital goods including product variations, custom configurations, instant downloads, and affiliate items. In addition, it is also equipped with a payment and shipping system. For legality of sales, it is equipped with simplify sales tax.

If you are an entrepreneur who has products and brands, you should use this plugin to increase sales. How to use and its configuration is also not difficult. If you have difficulty in use, you can learn through discussion groups or video tutorials. There are already many learning media abaout how to use the woocommerce plugin in building a marketplace.

2. Dokan Ecommerce Plugin

The second plugin that is recommended if you want to create a sales site with a wordpress blog is dokan. This plugin is indeed not as popular as the woocommerce plugin, but it's not wrong if you want to try using it. Apart from that, this plugin is also a modification of the plugins mentioned before.

The advantage of the dokan plugin is supports multivendors. Various vendors can participate selling on sales sites that use this plugin. The marketplace was built very powerful and not inferior to existing buying and selling sites such as amazon, shopify, and eBay.

I guarantee, you will feel satisfied after having a marketplace using the Dokan plugin. The sales site obtained is very elegant and has an attractive appearance. The facilities on the resulting buying and selling website are very attractive and easy to transact. All you have to do is promote your product and brand. Can also invite other vendors to contribute.

Wordpress Plugin for Online Course

The growth of internet technology now facilitates all activities. Many jobs and activities can be done online. The education and training sector is no exception. Since the early 2000s, e-learning systems have been developed. At first time, it was only used by universities in the United States. Over time, it was widely adopted by other countries and applied to primary and secondary education.

With regard to online education and training, wordpress-based sites can also be turned into learning media by using the online course wordpress plugin. Through this plugin, learning media can be accessed by students to learn. Learning modules and assignments can be accessed and sent through the learning website that has been built. There are also many supported learning media, including pdf, text, video, audio, and image files.

There are two recommended wordpress plugins for online courses, namely:
  • LearnPress
  • Paid Memberships Pro
Both of them have the ability to build an online learning system. Of course, each plugin has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, in general, both are able to help launch online distance learning activities.

1. LearnPress – Wordpress LMS Plugin

Developed by ThimPress and until now has had active users reaching 100,000 blogs. This WordPress LMS plugin was developed comprehensively to support all forms of teaching systems. It is easy to use to create and sell online courses. We can design curriculum and quizzes for online courses that we created.

Even though you don't have the ability in web programming, you can create various forms of educational websites, online schools, and online training. There are settings to manage the roles of website users, both as admins, contributors, and as students. Every user who participates in online learning will get an assignment and evaluation. After completing the test and evaluation, students will get the value obtained during the online training program.

2. Paid Memberships Pro

The second online course plugin is paid memberships pro whose use is more for business development with a membership system as its main feature. However, we can use it to build an online course website. User membership can be set with various levels. Of course it becomes more flexible in implementing premium courses.

The features of the paid memberships pro plugin include: user login field, user registration panel, user password recovery, profile editing, member are pages, invoice and billing information pages, form field for custom user profile an registration, custom email for members, restrict WP dashboard access, and hide WP toolbar. If we pay attention to all these features, we can manage member registration in a neat and orderly manner.

One of the advantages of the paid memberships pro plugin is that it is equipped with affiliate features for users who have registered as members. These features are very supportive in the development of an online course business. Registered members can become marketing agents and they also earn income from everyone who registers from their referral link.

Ads Wordpress Plugin

Basically the wordpress CMS was created for blog purposes. So that most of the users of this CMS are used to create blog pages. They will usually use their blog to earn money through monetization programs. One of the methods used in monetizing a blog site is by placing advertisements.
In order to maximize revenue, blog owners must place the ad code correctly. To manage it, we can use the ads wordpress plugin. These plugins can be optimized to increase ad revenue. Ad visual settings can be done easily to make it look more attractive.
Ad management that can be done includes ad placement, ads design, and the choice of time to display ads. We don't have to bother doing it manually. These three advertising strategies can be done easily using the ads plugin for wordpress. The setup is not difficult and can be done in a short time by using an ads plugin.
The recommended ads plugins for wordpress are:
  • Ad Inserter
  • Advanced Ads
Both plugins are very useful in terms of setting up ads on blog sites. The function of these also almost the same, there are only a few differences in terms of settings. Generally, the same plugin will have a different display on the front end site.

1. Ad Inserter

This plugin helps in ads management and includes powerful features to insert ads code in blog content so that it can work optimally. Supports all types of ads networking such as google adsense, amazon contextual ads, infolinks, media.net, and rotating banners directly from advertisers.

Setting the function and appearance is very powerful because it provides many options when managing ads code. Can enter javascript code, html, php, and other types of code was permitted. You can be sure, you will not have difficulty when using it. There are so many advantages and features of the ad inserter plugin. What is clear and has a big impact on ad revenue is the placement of ads that can be arranged according to your wishes. But of course it refers to the most effective ad location strategy. With this plugin, you can place ads after and before articles, images, between paragraphs, and can also be placed randomly.

Another advantage that interests me is the geotargeting and fraud click protection settings. However, the last two features I mentioned are only available for the premium plan. The premium plan still has many additional, more advanced features to increase blog revenue from advertising.

2. Advanced Ads

The second plugin that can be used to optimize revenue from advertising is advanced ads. It looks simpler and the setup is much easier. This additional component of the wordpress blog for advertising has been released since 2009 and supports almost all advertising networks.

The advantages of this plugin, you can insert ad code in the form of ads.txt and an unlimited number of ad units. We can also create custom ads blocks. In addition, the use of this plugin is integrated with google adsense policies so that in real time it can be known if it violates google rules in ads placement and optimization. Another plus that I like most is that it can be used for free to get all its features.

Membership Wordpress Plugin

Internet users was continued to grow every year provide opportunities to get great benefits. We can get potential profits if we are able to see and take advantage of opportunities from it. Of course you have to do something that people need. Everyone have different needs. There, we can see the big market as an opportunity to build a business.

Apart from needs, activities and hobbies everyone can provide opportunities for profit. For example, there is a woman who likes facial treatments, you can build an online beauty consulting service through the website. We can get the cash flow with the membership system.

Through the membership system, everyone who wants to access the content on the website must first register it. We can set the subscription fee such as the duration of the validity period and when the membership will expire. To do it all, we can use a site built with wordpress and equipped with a wordpress membership plugin.

Here I will recommend two plugins that can be used to build a wordpress-based website with a membership system. The two plugins for memberships are:
  • Ultimate members
  • WP members
These two wordpress plugins for membership both have as many as 200,000 active bloggers. I have used both of them to build online learning sites with a subscription system.

1. Ultimate Member

This ultimate member plugin is great for creating sites with a membership system. The setup is also very easy. I can say that because I've used it. To make it easier to set up, templates and flows have been provided starting from the registration process, payment, to the renewable process. Setting the page url is very easy and not confusing.

2. WP Members

I still use this plugin actively until now on my online learning site. Its very easy to setup is the main reason I use this plugin. There have been many additional WordPress components that I have tried to use to build a membership website for online learning. According to my experience, WP members are the easiest and simplest.

Behind the convenience, of course there are some features that I do not get from it. I use the WP members plugin only to accept registration without using the automatic activation feature after receiving payment. For the process of activating users who register, I do it manually. If anyone knows how to activate the user automatically, you can give suggestions by leaving it in the comments column on this blog.

Wordpress plugin for blog security

WordPress blog security is very important. Many irresponsible persons try to get information and take over assets on a personal page. Especially, the blog page that is used as a business site. A lot of important data in website  has eager them to know it. Although there are some people just for fun to do it to practice the hacking tricks.
By these plugins, the security of the blog can be increased. Various security vulnerabilities that can be attacked can be addressed quickly so as to prevent hacking activities. Some wordpress plugins for blog security that can be used, including:
  • Jetpack
  • Wordfence security
To date, the two plugins have active installations of 5 million and 4 million blogs respectively.

1. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin has the ability to protect against attacks on wordpress blog system. It also can actually be used to improve performance, marketing, and design tools. All of these functions can create the stability of a blog site in its growth. But here, I only limit the discussion of jetpack to increase site security.

In maintaining the security of the blog, jetpack is very easy to use. To avoid attacks, this plugin can backup data quickly and easily. The settings are also fairly easy to do. Database management when moving servers is also easy so you won't held a big problems when you are on a new hosting service.
Another feature of the jetpack plugin is monitoring every activity and change that occurs on the blog. This is so that no malware enters the website system. Unwanted spam comments can be blocked automatically. Advanced site security can use two factor authentication technology.

2. Wordfence Security

The second recommended wordpress plugin for blog security is wordfence security. Wordfence security has specifically function to detect malware and firewalls that attack blog sites. If there is an infection from malware and a firewall on a site, it will be scanned quickly. Blog security will be guaranteed by activating this plugin.

The worddefence security plugin works by identifying and blocking malicious traffic. If identified as an harmful agent to the website system, wordfence will reject any activity that occurs from the agent. Login attempts are also limited in order to protect the blog from brute force attacks.

Photo gallery wordpress plugin

A wordpress blog can be used as a medium for storing and capturing moments and documents needed for tomorrow. For example, photos of activities and family vacations. Indeed you can save it in online storage. But it would be nice if placed on yur personal blog.

During time when you open your personal blog page, you can look back to reminisce about it. Other people who want to know about your life, can see it firsthand. Of course you decide to limit the uploaded files in terms of privacy. Not all photos and documents are uploaded for public consumption. In the era of increasingly sophisticated internet technology like now, all files and media can be spread quickly. So, we must remain careful in presenting matters relating to our identity and privacy.

Photo gallery wordpress plugin can be used to display photos of our activities. We can organize neatly and arranged according to the categories you have created. For do it, you can choose:
  • Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • Photo Gallery by 10Web.
With these three gallery plugins, we can easily organize and place photo media on our personal blog. Of course this will add to the beauty of the personal page that you have. When I use it offline, I don't find any significant problems when managing uploaded images. You can also use it easily.

1. Smash Balloon Photo Feed

This WordPress plugin for Instagram feeds is quite in demand in recent years. This is in line with the increasing number of users of Instagram, a photo-based social media. It is indeed a profitable thing if you can display Instagram feeds on the blog page because it can help increase the impressions of the Instagram feeds that you created. Of course you get double benefits from this method.

Smash Balloon Photo Feed plugin allows us to display our best photos from instagram to blog. There are several features that can used to optimize blog traffic into an Instagram post audience. Its features include: new instagram post, super simple to set up, multiple account support, responsive and customizable instagram images, multiple instagram feeds, shortcode posts, beautiful headers, thumbnails and full size photos.

2. NextGEN Gallery

A plugin can used to easy manage and display photos on a wordpress blog. Currently NextGEN Gallery has six hundred thousand active installations with downloads reaching 1.5 million per year. NextGEN Gallery wordpress plugin is usually used by photographers, visual artists, and professional designers.
The facilities that are obtained when uploading photos through the NextGEN Gallery plugin are numerous. Uploading photos can be done gradually and all at once. We can also import meta data for uploaded photos. Other management that can be done includes adding, deleting, and sorting photos when doing a search. Of course you can create a group that is equipped with thumbnails.

3. Photo Gallery by 10Web

A mobile friendly photo gallery plugin and can be managed easily. Photos managed with this plugin will produce a blog with a beautiful appearance. Surely, your blog visitors will not feel bored when they see a collection of photos that have been arranged neatly. If you want to create a photo gallery on a wordpress blog, it is recommended to use it.

Contact form plugin

One of the keys to the success of a blog is has visitors with high loyalty. Loyalty can be seen from regular visits and coming back when they need information. When they need information related to the topic of your blog, they will always remember your website. Another indicator that shows visitors who have loyalty is their enthusiasm in enjoying look for the content on your website. They will provide comments or contact us via the contact provided.

Good communication between visitors and blog owners will create a sustainable relationship for the existence of a blog. This communication will provide visitor loyalty. Of course they will always visit the site regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to provide media so that two-way communication can be established. Communication channels can be built through a WordPress contact form plugin.

The contact form will provide fields that can be used for two-way communication. These fields consist of at least your name, email address, and message body. Sometimes there are also bloggers who add a blog url column. But in essence, the available columns can convey messages from visitors to blog owners. There are two contact form plugins that I recommend:
  1. WPForm
  2. Contact Form7.
Both of these plugins already have quite a lot of active users. This indicates that many bloggers are aware that feedback from visitors is very important for blog site existence. Sometimes, there are people who want to know and work with us, so it is necessary to provide special features for this purpose.

1. WPForm Plugin

Namely as the best wordpress contact form plugin. This assumption is quite reasonable, considering the high number of active users and many positive reviews. At the time this article was written, the WPform wordpress plugin had 11,013 five-star reviews. A pretty big number for a plugin reviews. Of course, you don't need to doubt its reputation.

The features of WPForm to build communication channels include: responsive form builder, available many templates that are directly used, spam protection, notification forms, confirmation forms, file upload features, multipages forms, signature forms, and many other advanced features. With the main features I mentioned above, you can create beautiful and responsive contact forms. Surely the appearance of the blog will become more elegant and professional.

2. Contact Form7

I am quite familiar with the contact form7 plugin because until now I still use it as a registration and payment confirmation form on my online learning site. I am someone who likes simple things. This reason is the main consideration for me to continue using contact form7 until now. The setup is very easy and not confusing.

Although visually it seems stiff, the contact form created is sufficient to meet the needs as a communication medium. Many forms are available and you just organize the forms provided. Name fields, email addresses, messages, urls, phone numbers, and many others are available on this plugin. There is also a choice of form types in the form of text, email, password, numeric, and so on.
The features provided include a form builder, response messages after filling out forms, notifications, and autoresponder form for recipients and senders. Make sure the need to build a contact form can be met by this plugin. You can try using it if you want to provide a two-way communication on your wordpress blog.

Jetpack wordpress plugin

In the previous section, this plugin has been discussed in the WordPress plugins section for blog security. But I want to review again a little about its function. Why do I want to provide additional explanation, because the function of the jetpack plugin is not only to increase blog security. However, it can also be used to improve website performance.

The second reason, why I want to re-discuss, is because this plugin is quite popular in the plugin search on the official wordpress.org site. When you first open the official CMS page and click the plugins menu, you will see the words jetpack at the top. That indicates that jetpack is has great demand by many bloggers to be installed on their wordpress blogs.

You should also try to enable it. You will surely find many features and benefits after installing it for your blog. Furthermore, you can install it according to your needs to secure your blog site from hacker attacks and malware that can interfere with website system performance.

Affiliate wordpress plugin

The last type of wordpress plugin that I will discuss here is affiliate plugin. WordPress affiliate plugin is useful for blog owners who sell goods or services. Customers or members of our services have the opportunity to earn additional income. Product and service owners will get a significant increase in sales.

To manage a business with affiliation system, it is necessary to install a special plugin so that the blog has a function as desired. The use of additional elements of wordpress for the affiliate system can make it easier to organize referral links, monitoring the level of sales from each referral and the commission must you pay to your affiliation agents.

There is only one wordpress affiliate plugin that I recommend, namely WPAffiliate. For those who have references to other plugins, you can provide suggestions and information through the comments column. On part of this article,  just discuss for WPAffiliate only.

WPA Affiliate Plugin

Actually the free version WPAffiliate plugin is not compound package, but consists of several plugins to carry out affiliate marketing functions. However, if you want to get the complete unity of this plugin, you can buy it through the official website. All components needed for affiliate business needs are already provided in the premium package.

We can use the free version, but the required components are separated in several plugins. So you have to install some plugins to build an affiliate marketing business system. This method is quite cumbersome and difficult for people who are not used to using plugins.

To be more effective, you can buy a premium package. With the premium package, we only need to install one plugin, all the components needed are integrated in the unified plugin package. Setting it up is also not difficult.

Thus a list of the 10 most wanted and recommended wordpress plugins by professional bloggers who are experienced in the blogging field. You can try using the plugins described in this article to enrich the components of your blog. Of course, we choose according to need. Hopefully this article is useful. If it is considered interesting and provides many benefits, please share this article through social media so that it can provide knowledge for others in developing a wordpress blog site.

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