8 WordPress Blog SEO Strategies For Business

WordPress blogs can be used for business. However, to be more optimal, an SEO strategy is needed to improve the performance of the site and easily found on the Google search engine. Through this article, I will discuss in detail eight important about it. Therefore, I suggest you read this article to the end.

In addition to discussing strategies that can be applied to a wordpress blog for business, I will also explain the fundamental about seo and its benefits for business. Everything I will review in full in my blog post. In addition, several examples of its application will be given that can be applied to every business blog.

What is SEO For Business Site?

Seo for business sites is a trick to optimize articles containing product or service information. Such optimization will increase the distribution of articles aimed at business introduction. In simple terms, this can be considered as a company's online marketing trick.

SEO strategies for business will provide many benefits if done correctly. We already know that marketing costs are quite expensive. However, by applying this trick, marketing activities can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Marketing operations that are not smooth will be detrimental to business owners in two ways. First, there will be a buildup of unsold products due to inappropriate marketing. Second, you will get low business income. Therefore, seo for wordpress business blog is very important.

Why is SEO For WordPress Business Blog Important?

After knowing the meaning of seo for business blogs, you also need to know the reasons why it is very necessary. This knowledge is indispensable as a motivating factor for you to do it right. You will also live it continuously.

The reason why seo for wordpress business blog is needed, because:
1. Many businesses and sales sites on the internet
2. Internet users continue to grow
3. Prospective customers must know your product
4. Target sales of products and services

These four reasons are the main factors to take right seo strategy for a business blog. For the end goal is to increase revenue. However, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve this goal.

1. Many businesses and sales sites on the internet

Now, many forms of business and sales sites on the internet. Not a few of them use wordpress as a platform in building a sales website system. The increasing number of companies and businesses will certainly have an impact on high competition.

To be able to win the increasingly difficult business competition, you must be able to appear at the forefront in order to be able to get a lot of customers. In online sales, the first step is to get a large number of visits to the business website. The way that can be done is to optimize the site for product and service offerings.

2. Internet Users Continue to Increase

Based on datareportal.com, currently the number of internet users worldwide has reached 5 billion people. This figure shows the great potential for profit by running an online business using a blog page. However, many other people also had the same thoughts as them.

There will be many people who take the initiative to take advantage of the business potential on the internet. Various products and services have just entered the online market. It will be a challenge to win the competition in business. However, with the wordpress cms, you can create a business page to sell the products and services.

3. Candidates must know your product

Many products and services are sold in the online marketplace. Maybe many other products were known earlier. What about the products you have? If your product is just entering the market, you will have to work hard to introduce your product. You must be able to compete even though you are in a position as a beginner businessman.

Prospective customers will not buy products which not familiar. To solve this problem, you must be able to introduce and convince them of your product. You can introduce the benefits and advantages of your products and services compared to others.

4. Product and service sales target

To be profitable in a business, you must be able to achieve sales targets for the products and services you offer. It is impossible to make a profit if only a few or no products are sold.

Of course, in business, you have to set big targets. No business person wants to make a loss or just break even. Surely everyone wants big profits. Likewise with those of you who are reading my article. To get it, you have to achieve a large number of sales. Businesses that can be done by using seo strategies for the business site that you have.

WordPress Blog SEO Strategy For Business

The seo strategy for a wordpress business blog that I explain below is very important to support success in selling products and services. With the implementation of the right seo strategy for business pages, many potential customers will come to buy on your business website.

This is certainly a dream for everyone who runs an online business. Business blog pages with high seo rankings will have large traffic. The potential for income is even greater if you are able to convert blog visitors into buyers for the products you sell.

But you should not just dream without making a definite effort to achieve it. Of course it takes a strategy to increase the SEO score of the blog page for the business. The 8 wordpress blog seo strategies that I will explain here include:
1. Increase the speed of business blog
2. Use keywords according to business needs
3. Have attention to the length of the wordpress blog content for business
4. Set wordpress business blog permalink
5. Use mobile responsive themes specifically for business
6. Optimization of content for business
7. Use outbound and internal links
8. Share business blog content on social media

The eight seo strategies I mentioned above will certainly be able to increase revenue and profit from your online business. Therefore, I hope you can read it to the end.

Increase Business Blog Speed

The loading speed of a wordpress business blog is one of the important aspects that must be considered in seo. Websites that display content slowly are not liked by visitors. This also causes Google to give low seo rankings
Create a business blog with loading times to open content not exceeding 3 seconds. Internet users really hate waiting. If they find it difficult to open a web page, they will certainly go and look for another site. Of course this is very detrimental because you lose potential customers for your business. In addition, this has a bad impact on seo rankings, because the bounce rate will be large.

You can increase the speed of a wordpress blog for business, among others: activate the CDN and plugin cache, delete unused plugins, optimize the wordpress database, use the latest version of PHP, optimize images, use SSL certificates, update the wordpress system regularly, and minify script css, html, and javascript.

All these steps have been proven to increase the speed of wordpress blog. You can also do it on your business blog to ensure smooth visitor activity. Fast website loading times will lower bounce rates and increase retention rates.

Use keywords according to business needs on a wordpress blog

In order to win the seo competition for business content, you must be able to choose the right keywords. Choosing the right keywords can increase the ranking of business blogs in Google search results. Many blogs use keywords with high search volume. Generally they have a high ranking in the Google SERP.

If you have the same keywords which using by other website that already has a high page and domain authority, your business blog is certain to lose. The solution, you have to be a long tail keyword for these keywords. Long tail keywords can be used as a niche blog topic that you will use. To get long tail keywords, you can use tolls devoted to keyword research.

Have attention to the length of wordpress blog content for business

Content for a business blog is a very important part. The visitor's decision to buy depends on the attractiveness written in the content of your business blog. You must be able to create interesting content to increase the conversion of visits to buyers on your WordPress business blog.

Besides having to be interesting, you also have to create SEO friendly content. Place the focus keyword on several parts of the article that you write. The placement of keywords must also be evenly distributed, not only focused on certain parts.

Do not duplicate content from other content on your blog. You also may not plagiarize content from other sites. This is not liked by Google as the main search engine. If you do plagiarism from other websites, you will get a bad impact, difficult to get the first position in google search results.

Maybe you don't mean to duplicate content. However, due to the small number of words you use in the article, it will look similar to other articles. Therefore, you must have attention to the length of the article you make. What is meant by article length here is the number of words used. The more words used in an article, has lower the percentage of similarity with other articles.

Set wordpress business blog permalink

Permalink articles on your business wordpress blog must be modified so that it is SEO friendly. The strategy that can be done is to change the default article link to a url containing the main keyword. Permalinks that contain keywords will have a positive influence on Google's SERP ranking.

On a WordPress blog, you can personalize an article's link. You can do this through the general blog settings so you don't have to do it for every article. When your article url is indexed by google, the accompanying link will give you points for your article ranking.

Use a Special Mobile Responsive Theme for Business

To provide a good user experience, you must use a mobile responsive theme for your business blog. Your business website is able to adjust and be flexible when opened with different devices. WordPress blog themes that do not support mobile, the layout is irregular when opened with a smartphone.

But, you dont worry about it. Almost all wordpress themes that are sold now support mobile browsers. However, you should still choose a mobile friendly theme that is most suitable for your business. Of course, you must choose a theme that supports the SEO ranking of the business site you are building.

Content Optimization for Business

The content on your business wordpress blog must be optimized in order to be able to increase seo rankings. The content structure should have a clear hierarchy of headings. Each page can only have one major heading (H1). Article sub-topics can be created in headings (H2). Thus, the explanation points for each sub-topic can be used as a sub-heading (H3).

You can add images in the content you create. Make sure the uploaded image format is png, jpeg or webpg. The three image formats are most suitable as image files on a wordpress blog. If you want to use a minimalist file size, use the png. However, if you want good image quality with a small file size, you can use the webpg format.

The size of the uploaded image as an explanation in the content must be in accordance with the gadget in general. Even if you use a responsive theme, the proportionality of the image size must still be considered. Based on my experience, the most suitable image size is 600 pixels for the width and 400 pixels for the height.

Use outbound and internal links

Another strategy that is no less important for business article optimization is setting outbound and internal links. Outbound links are links that point out from your blog page. Internal links are links that connect between pages in your business blog.

To increase the SEO ranking of a wordpress business blog, outbound links should be directed to sites that have authority as referral websites. For example, my blog is about wordpress. So I can create an outbound link to the official wordpress site. This is liked by Google because provide references from trusted sites.

For internal links, you can build a network between related articles. Internal links between articles can increase the retention rate for your business blog. This will provide a positive value for the blog page seo score.

Share business content on social media

The last seo strategy for a wordpress blog for business is share content on social media. You can share your website page link to your social media accounts. You will get huge traffic from social media. The level of interest in your blog will increase. It will be more profitable if visitors who come from social media visit several pages of our website with a long duration. This will increase the seo ranking of your wordpress blog.

Evaluation of WordPress Blog SEO Strategy For Business

After carrying out various strategies to improve the seo ranking of wordpress blogs for business, you need to evaluate its effectiveness. This is very necessary so that you can improve the strategy that you have done not optimal. However, in evaluating, there are two things you should give attention, namely: the length of time for implementing the seo strategy and changes in search engine algorithms.

How long does the SEO strategy take?

You must be wise in evaluating the success of the wordpress blog seo strategy for your business. To be able to see the progress of seo that is applied, of course it takes a long time. The length of time for each business blog is different. Older blogs that already have a lot of content, will be faster. However, a new blog definitely takes a long time, at least it will take three months to assess the success of the seo strategy that has been done.

Search engine algorithm changes update

In addition to implementing a seo strategy for your business site, you must also be able to adapt to search engine algorithm updates and changes. In this case, it is related to the policy set by Google as the largest search engine in the world. Updates and changes are very necessary. Seo strategy that you run may not be in accordance with the latest policies set by Google.

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