Where is WordPress Hosted For Best Blog Performance

Hosting is an important element for websites and blogs. No exception for wordpress blogs. So you have to think about where is wordpress hosted. You should not just choose a place as a blog hosting without any reasons. Because wordpress hosting has a big influence on blog site performance.

All wordpress blog owners want lots of visitors to visit their website pages. They also want to provide comfort for people who come when visiting their blog site. If blog visitors feel comfortable, surely they will read articles on blogs with a long duration. On the other hand, if they feel uncomfortable, they will immediately leave and look for other websites to get the information they need.

This is greatly influenced by the performance of the blog site that you create. Website performance really depends on the hosting used. Therefore, you must be wise in choosing the right server as a place for your wordpress blog hosted. Currently, many companies offer hosting for wordpress blogs. Of course, you have to choose one of them as your partner.

Many WordPress Hosting Services Available On The Internet

When you open social media, you will definitely find many ads for companies that offer hosting for wordpress. Of course they will compete to offer their respective advantages to potential customers. There is no single company that offers a service by informing the shortcomings that exist in its service. If they do it, it is certain that no one wants to use their services.

Many advantages of hosting services that they reveal. Of course they already understand the needs of potential customers. However, whether the facilities they offer in the ad, will be the same as what customers get after subscribe their service. Not a few hosting service companies disappoint their customers. This condition causes their costumers look for other hosting services for their wordpress blogs.

Unqualified wordpress hosting service providers are just trying to make a profit without thinking about meeting the needs of their customers. In their mind just how to get big profits. They also do not hesitate to offer features and services that attract bloggers who are looking for cheap hosting. They have always positioned themselves as a professional company that offers quality services at very low prices.

The fact that the quality of cheap hosting services advertised virally on social media generally does not live up to what is promised. Not even a few who do not care about customer complaints. As if they turned a deaf ear to customer criticism. The most important thing for them is to profit from each new customer.

Are all hostings low quality and not like what they promised when they advertised their services? Of course not. Although many hosting service providers are unprofessional, there are also trustworthy ones. There are indeed few hosting companies that can be trusted and have a good reputation. Usually they have been in the hosting service business for a long time and often used by professional website developers.

How To Choose The Right Service For Wordpress Hosted

In accordance with the topic of this article, which is to provide tips on how to choose the right server for a hosted wordpress blog. I will give seven wise steps before choosing a hosting service that is used to publish web pages. However, here I do not aim to promote one hosting service provider. I'm just providing information.
The considerations in determining hosting for wordpress blog:
  • Recommended WordPress Hosting from Web Developers
  • Match to The Target and Purpose of Your WordPress Blog
  • Match to Your Blog Traffic
  • Hosting Provider Locations
  • Find Cheap WordPress Hosting
  • Always Standby Support Team 
  • Recommendations from the Blogger Community

The seven steps above, will direct you in choosing a server for the blog so that it can work optimally. A good hosting for wordpress will not cause problems when accessed by visitors. In addition, the choice of the right server for the blog must also be right after having loyal regular visitors. A detailed explanation of the seven steps above, you can read in the section below.

1. Recommended WordPress Hosting from Web Developers

Web developers have a role in building websites from planning, designing, creating, to an online website. Of course they really understand all aspects during the development of a site, including the needs of the server where the website is hosted. They must have had their own calculations in determining it.

You are also advised have big attention to their recommendations in determining which server provider company to choose. They already have a long experience working on creating multiple websites. I also believe, the accuracy of their recommendations reach 95% of your expectations.

Even if some of them participate as a referral for a hosting service. But they will definitely choose which service they will recommend. Of course, they don't want to degrade their reputation as profesional web developers just because they want to get big benefit from a company's affiliation.
Not all web developers use wordpress. Should you look for a web developer who is used to building websites using wordpress? Indeed, only a small number of web developers use the wordpress CMS. This is because they already have website development capabilities, so they make their own without using the cms. In addition, there are many frameworks available for web development, so that their work can be helped and completed faster.

Even if they are not wordpress blog cms users, their experience in using servers as web hosts will provide you with a good reference. You can find out the toughness and lack of servers provided by a company. In general, there is no difference in server utility for websites and cms wordpress blogs. Its main function is to store web program files so that they can be accessed online by others.

It would also be great if you could get recommended web developers who have used wordpress, either as their project or as a blog site. If they have ever used the cms, their recommendation is very appropriate. In addition, you can consult with them if you have problems in using the hosting we have used for wordpress blog cms.

How do I get web developer recommendations? You can join a web programming community site or visit their personal page. You can get acquainted in advance through the available communication channels. Then you can ask and discuss with them.

2. Match to the Target and Purpose of Your WordPress Blog

Before creating a blog using wordpress cms, of course you have a goal. Mostly used to create personal blog pages. But not a few who use it for business purposes, such as online stores or business profile landing pages. Although not many, there are also those who use it for special purposes such as online forums, news sites, advertising, and marketplaces. This blogging cms can indeed be used for various purposes by using a plugin to increase its functionality.

The purpose of making a site really determines the choice of server used as wordpress blog hosting. Each form of site to be built requires special hosting specifications. Landing pages for business profiles of course require a small space compared to the marketplace. Likewise, personal blog pages do not really need a large server resource.

You have to choose the hosting service you need according to the type and form of the site you are going to build. You need to calculate the required server capacity. If you have difficulty calculating server requirements, you can immediately look at the hosting package at a company that provides it. Of course, you should consider the first tips above, which is to get recommendations in determining the best hosting service provider company.

3. Match to Your Blog Traffic

The development of a good site certainly must go through a careful planning. At the beginning of planning, the target number of traffic to be achieved should have been set. This really needs to be done to determine the scale and resources needed in developing a website system. The accuracy in determining the target affects the decisions.

If we want to build a marketplace, of course you must have high traffic target. Because the traffic has related to the number of sales from the buying and selling site that will be built. The high number of visits to the built e-commerce will certainly cause the server to be busy. Therefore we need a server that supports large bandwidth and space. In this case, the marketplace to be built has a small to medium scale. On the other hand, if you want to build a large-scale marketplace, you should have your own server station.

4. Hosting Provider Locations

The fourth consideration that must be considered is the location of server. This is very important because it affects data transfer between regions. You should choose a server in the same region as the audience of the site you are building. We recommend the visitor target and server location are still in the same country.

Even though the wordpress CMS file is light, the server location will affect the smooth transfer of website data. Data communication crosses the boundaries of two countries will be slower than between two regions within one country. The location of the service provider's server for wordpress hosted is important for the smoothness and speed of blog pages.

5. Find Cheap WordPress Hosting

Price is one aspect in considering the selection of wordpress hosting. Every blogger who is looking for a server for wordpress hosted definitely hopes to get a cheap price. Price is closely related to the costs that must be incurred in blogging activities. Low costs are an indicator of efficiency in blogging.

Although you are hunting for service providers with low prices, you must not ignore quality. It will not provide any benefit at all, if the price is cheap but the service you get is very disappointing. What's more, low prices are the slogan of many companies in advertising their services.

We have to look for a hosting service provider for wordpress with a realistic price and quality. Many people say that prices never lie. This means that high-quality products will has cost more than low-quality products. Some quality hosting service providers are more expensive because of their high operational costs. In addition, the price is determined by the features and variants of the services provided.

Consider the price of the service you will choose wisely. Determine according to the space and bandwidth you need. Don't just focus on the prices offered by the server providers. Think that your wordpress blog site is built for long time. Of course you also want the existence of the website that you build is well maintained.

6. Support Team Support 24/7

Almost every blogger has experienced troubleshot on his blog system. Problems that occur are generally caused by the server not being compatible with the cms blog used. Not compatible due to the cms update so it doesn't match the server configuration used. It could also be the other way around, there is a server configuration update so that it doesn't match the cms used.

The troubleshot problem will be difficult if you lack knowledge in server management. It's different if you're used to working with servers, it won't be a big problem. In conditions of difficulty overcoming the ongoing troubleshot, a support team is needed to help solve it. This is one of the considerations in determining where a wordpress blog is hosted.

A hosting service provider company that understands the needs of its customers, will definitely provide a support team that is always standby to help if a problem occurs. You have to choose a service provider that provides 24/7 technical support. When experiencing problems, you can immediately contact the technical support team. They can provide responses and solutions to the problems.

7. Recommendations from the Blogger Community

The final consideration is the recommendations from the various blogger communities. If you are a member of the blogger community, you can ask for recommendations for the right service as a place for a hosted wordpress blog. There are many communities of private page owners on the internet. Every region has this community.

Never be ashamed if you look like a fool in a community. One of the benefits of joining a group with the same hobby is to increase knowledge. The knowledge I mean can be experiences of other bloggers or the topics of discussion among members in the community.

Choose the Best Server Where Your WordPress Blog Hosted

After I explain some important considerations in determining place where wordpress hosted, I hope you can determine it correctly. Don't just consider one thing by ignoring other important things. You have to think far ahead that you want to build a blog that exists for long time. Don't think you're blogging just for today.

I understand very well, that most people only make the price of the service an important consideration. There is no problem when looking for and choosing a hosting service that has a low price. However, you also consider the attention to the quality and after sales service. Do not be tempted by low price offers, but quality is not guaranteed. Of course everything will end in disappointment.

WordPress Hosting For Blog Performance

In closing, I want to emphasize that the quality of the server you choose will have a big influence on the performance of the blog you build. Therefore, you must be able to choose it properly. You can take my considerations and suggestions above as a guide in making decisions. Remember, if you make the wrong decision, it will have a negative impact on your wordpress blog.

Hopefully this article provides the right reference for those of you who are looking for wordpress hosting. Wish you a successful blogger by choosing the right server. Of course, you will get great benefits from the blog you have.

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