How To Get Benefit From Wordpress Blog

Wordpress as a CMS has many uses. At first, this cms was only used as a blog engine. However, over time and accompanied by increase in system utility that continues to be developed, wordpress blog is able to provide many benefits. The use of wordpress CMS as a blog reaches 70 percents. The rest is used for other purposes that can provide benefits, including as a business and marketing channel.

From the initial release of wordpress as cms until now, there have been many changes and progress. Both in terms ease of use to the resulting blog security system. It is not surprising that wordpress is the most popular cms among bloggers. They are certainly looking for a system that makes it easy to create a blog. In addition, they also want the blogs they created have a high level of security.

Another factor that they take into consideration when choosing wordpress as a cms blog is the ease of modifying the site. When you want to use it for other purposes, the blog created can be modified easily using a plugin. The plugin will perform its function in providing support for the system to be built. I believe, you use this cms with the same consideration.

Some Uses of WordPress Blog

You certainly already know the other benefits of wordpress blog. There are many websites that have been created with wordpress for various needs. The resulting site looks very elegant and attractive. This depends on the ability of the site owner to modify and optimize all available features. Personalization can be done through themes, plugins, and other components such as widgets.
Some of the benefits and uses of wordpress blog, including:
1. WordPress blog for personal pages
2. WordPress for blog used for e-commerce
3. Advertising site with wordpress blog
4. WordPress blog for memberships site
5. Online community using wordpress cms

Next I will explain in detail all the benefits and uses of wordpress as I mentioned above. Read this article on how to get the benefits of wordpress blogs to the end. This article also discusses about how to get the benefits of a wordpress blog. So, don't miss any part of this article.

Wordpress For Blog as Personal Pages

The first form of utilizing a wordpress blog as personal pages. In personal pages, you can write everything that is experienced according to your point of view. Of course you have to use simple language in order to attract people to read it. Your creativity in writing content on your personal website determines the people’s interest to visit it. Fill your wordpress blog with interesting topics and updated regularly. Of course, choose a topic with a high search rate in order to have a high potential for traffic.

Many topics that you can choose as the main content to fill a personal blog page. Almost all popular topics have been used in wordpress blogs. The main reason is the flexibility in managing and adding content. With just a few clicks, articles for a topic can be published. Optimization of the content in the blog can also be done easily.

Some of the most popular blog topics for personal pages using wordpress for blog, include:
1. Traveling and culinary
2. Daily activities
3. Life story
4. Review a product
5. Activity photos

Traveling and Culinary

For wordpress users who have a hobby of traveling and looking for culinary, they will create a blog for that topic. Every trip made is written and published in a blog post. Likewise, when they eat a delicious food menu, they will usually provide an assessment in a blog article. Both topics are quite interesting to many readers.

The topic of traveling and culinary blogs is usually visited by people who want to visit a tourist spot. Before going to visit the place, they will look for reference sources about the place want to go. Everything they want to know, from travel routes, flights, lodging, and the cultural features around the destination.

If you want to write a travel and culinary topic blog, you can write it in an interesting way. In addition, provide complete information about the most popular tourist attractions by many people. If you are able to do everything well, you will definitely get the great benefits from the blog that you build.

Daily Activity Blog

One of the most blog topics on the internet is the daily activities carried out by a blogger. Actually, the topic of this blog can be said as the initial goal of people to create blogs. If there are experience unique events, they will be written in a personal blog.

To get visitors, bloggers who write a topic of daily activities will use the right keywords so that easily found in search engines by others. Blog owners also share their website pages on various social media. Based on my observations, personal sites with this topic belong to the general blog category. In addition, they do not write articles on a daily basis.

Life Story Blog

The topic of this wordpress blog is almost the same as before. The difference lies in the subject who experiences it. For the topic of daily activities, events are experienced alone. As for life story blogs, it can be in the form of events that are experienced by themselves or stories of events experienced by others. Everything written can be used as an experience to be learned.

Blog topics that contain life stories are usually structured as valuable experiences or motivations for readers. The readers will take valuable lessons to apply in their lives. In contrast to daily activity blogs, this blog is more regularly updated by the owner with the latest content that is interesting to read.

Product Review on Wordpress Blog

Among all the list of topics that are usually written in a wordpress blog, the topic of product reviews is the most common. Maybe because this topic always gives new ideas along with the coming of new products. Another factor of interest is that product review blogs can get sponsors quickly. Many owners of brands want to advertise their products.

Regarding ideas for this blog topic, it is not difficult and never runs out. There are tens thousands to hundreds of thousands products can be used as objects for review. You can mix it into an interesting blog post. Choose a product that has a large number of interesting, so that you get a lot of potential visitors.

In reviewing a product, there are many aspects that you can make as an assessed side. In general, product reviews written on a blog include specifications, prices, advantages, and comparisons with similar products. These three things have a fairly high number of searches. You can use it to increase traffic to your wordpress blog site.

Activity Photo on Wordpress Blog

When doing various activities, sometimes you make a document for your activities in the form of photos. Many people capture travel and other important activities with a camera. These photos become precious memories. Of course you will keep it well.

A collection of photos that you have can be used as content on a blog. There are many themes and plugins available to support this. You just choose a theme that has a topic related to the photos you have. You can also choose the right plugin to organize the photos on your wordpress blog page.

Wordpress Blog Used For Ecommerce

You must already know that many online shops on the internet are built with wordpress. Generally, e-commerce that uses wordpress use additional woocommerce plugins. With proper management, a marketplace will be generated that can be used to display the products being sold. All product management can be done easily.

Even so, you must have a tactic in selling a product through a wordpress-based site. Perform various tricks to increase online sales. The strategy most often used by e-commerce owners is a product discount program. Special discounts can be given at certain times to attract potential buyers.

Advertising Site With Wordpress Blog

A wordpress blog can also be used as advertising site. Advertising is an important thing in marketing a product and service. The right and effective advertising channels are always sought after by many vendors. They want their products to reach a wide range of potential buyers.

In order for products to sell quickly, product owners must target a wider marketing reach. It is not only the marketing mix that is considered, but the targets must also be right. This is intended to increase the conversion of marketing targets into revenue for a company.

This can be used as an idea to create an advertising blog page. You will get huge traffic potential from those who want to advertise their products and services. You can use the classified ads plugin to manage the ads that will be placed by visitors. Through the plugin too, you can create categories for ads.

WordPress Blog For Memberships Site

Through a wordpress blog, you can also build a memberships site. This type of website is usually used to offer services. If you have a skill, you can offer online courses. For example, you have expertise in graphic design. You can create a blog that provides consulting or online graphic design courses.

You can make tutorial videos and upload them to your blog. You set up a memberships system for your online course. Determine fees and expiration dates for your customers. The most important thing is to make online courses very interesting and people feel the need to enroll them.

I also have a wordpress blog that contains learning videos. Blog visitors can only access learning videos when they have paid the subscription fee. After making the payment and confirming, I will activate their membership with the specified time duration. In my opinion, a wordpress blog that uses a memberships system is very profitable.

Online Community Using Wordpress CMS

The last form of using a wordpress blog that I discussed here is online community forum. Many people who have the same interests and hobbies like to get together to talk about many things. The long distance between them makes it impossible to meet regularly. In addition, the limited time they have will make it difficult for them to hold meetings. They certainly have their own activities each other. The most realistic thing they do is join online community forums.

Through online forums, they can exchange experiences. In addition, it can also be used as a place to ask questions about the problems at hand. For example, you join a computer technology forum. If there is a problem with your computer's operating system, you can ask the problem. Later there will be many replies from other forum members who provide solutions to your computer problems.

This, can be used as an opportunity to build an online forum. After successfully making it, you must actively introduce your forum to everyone. This needs to be done so that the forum that you create is quickly recognized by people. If it is known by many people, surely the forum that you created will be crowded with visitors. Your online forum members will also increase.

Monetization Forms Of Wordpress Blog To Earn Money

After knowing some examples of the usefulness of a wordpress for blog, then I will explain the form of benefits. This section, can be considered as a form of monetization of a wordpress blog that has been created. How to monetize each site is different. How to get the benefits of each website is determined by the type of website. Some forms of wordpress blog monetization:
1. Revenue from advertising
2. Selling products
3. Providing services on the blog
4. Product reviews

The four forms of monetization of the wordpress blog that I mentioned above will be explained in the continuation of the article below.

WordPress Blog Ad Revenue

The first form of monetization is advertising. You can place ads on a wordpress site that has been created. Advertisements that are installed can also be in the form of ad networks or advertisements directly from vendors. Both have differences. If you want to advertise from the ads network, you should to register as a publisher in the ads agency. The best ad network today is Google Adsense.

Direct advertisements from vendors can be obtained from people who are interested when visiting your blog. Of course you have to build and manage your site professionally. In addition, you also should to make sure your blog has high traffic. Advertisers expect their ads to be seen by blog visitors. They hope to increase sales of their products and brands.

Wordpress Blog To Sell Products

The second way to monetize a wordpress blog is sell the products. When you have an item, you can offer it to blog visitors. This of course can save operational costs because it does not incur large costs for marketing. You can provide a special space to offer the goods you sell.

What if you don't have a product? You can sell other people's products. Make an agreement about the commission you get when you successfully sell a product. Can also follow the affiliate program to get the product. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it doesn't bother sending products purchased by blog visitors.

The ads network has a term of service (TOS) that must be obeyed. Make sure that while joining the ads network, you comply with and follow all its policies and conditions. Violation of the policies that have been set can cause your account to be banned and even deleted.

Providing Services Through Wordpress Blog

As discussed earlier, you can provide services online through a wordpress blog. Of course you have to master all things related to the service. All services can be offered online. For example, in one of my blogs, I offer SEO consulting services and content writing. The services I provide are in accordance with my experience blogging since 2009.

In providing SEO consulting, I give some suggestions for improving the SEO ranking of a website. Usually I will audit the client site as a whole. Likewise, when providing article writing services, for first step, I am research the keywords the client wants. I will also study competitors for my clients.

Product Reviews

The form of wordpress blog monetization that I recommend in this article is a product review. Many product owners want to increase sales. They also don't mind spending money on product endorsements. They are well aware that this step is very effective.

Usually they will send some important information about the product you want to review. Next, do keyword research related to the function, usability, and advantages of the product. You can also open the official website of the product to get a reference to the review content that you will create. However, you have to make a review in your own style. Do not duplicate the content on their website.

Strategies to Get Benefit From Wordpress For Blog

Now you will be explained the strategy section to get profit from wordpress for blog. The right strategy is needed after knowing the forms and ways of monetizing a wordpress blog to get a profit. You are advised to read this article to the end to find out the complete strategy

Create best quality content

Content is the main reason people come to visit your blog. On this basis, you must be able to provide the highest quality content on the blog page. They visit your web page because they need or are in trouble. Therefore, make your content the answer to their needs and problems.

There are many websites on the internet. Maybe they have visited many other websites before finding your blog. Create content that is different from other sites. Unique and interesting content is most liked by website visitors. In addition, make a schedule to publish content on your personal page.

SEO Optimization WordPress For Blog

To increase profits from monetization of wordpress blog, you have to create a seo friendly site. Through SEO optimization, it will make it easier for your blog to be found. Of course it will have a positive influence on the amount of traffic. The big profits you will get from wordpress for blog will be directly proportional to the amount of traffic.

Two important aspects of wordpress seo that need to be considered, namely onpage seo and offpage seo. But in this article, I will not discuss further about SEO. This article focuses on the benefits that can be obtained from a wordpress-based website. You can read my other articles which discuss seo specifically.

Promotion via social media

So that your blog can be known by many people, you can promote it through your social media accounts. In this decade, social media users have shown a rapid increase. Of course this is a big potential to get big website traffic.

Paid advertising

There is nothing wrong if you allocate costs for the site ads that you build. If you have enough money and have a new website, this strategy is the right choice. The advantage of using paid advertising is the target audience can be customized.

I suggest to advertise via google ads network or facebook ads. Both ad networks are very effective in increasing the revenue of a site. In addition, it is highly recommended by many professional internet marketers.

Introducing blogs in online community forums

If you are active and joined in an online forum, it will provide benefits to get to know the website to others. You can join online forums that match your wordpress blog niche. Then, you can make some useful articles. At the end, you can write a link to your blog site. Actually there are many things you can do through online forums. However, you can read about it in other articles that specifically discuss content marketing.

Email marketing for blog promotion

The strategy to get big traffic in order to get big profits from blogs is email marketing for blog promotion. You can send promotional messages from your email contacts. To get email contacts, you can provide a special column for those who want to subscribe to your email newsletters.

Ethics in Using WordPress Blogs to Earn Money

The purpose of wordpress blogs monetization is to earn money. You can indeed use a blog to achieve this goal. However, you must still have attention to ethics and principles in making a profit. Do not because the pursuit of big profits, you sacrifice your reputation and dignity.
Some ethics and principles in using a wordpress blog to make money:
1. Attention to the convenience of blog visitors
2. Blog content as the answers for visitor problems
3. Sell and recommend hingh quality products
4. Don't spam

You must have attention to these four principles when you want to take the opportunity of benefit from the blog that you build.

1. Have attention to the convenience of blog visitors

Convenience of blog visitors is an important concern. Create web designs and systems that can make visitors comfortable when accessing blog content. Avoid using distracting components such as pop ups or ad banners that don't match the blog's topic. Also must have attention to the brightness and color combinations so as not to give the impression of being flashy and blinding the eyes.

2. Blog content as the answers of visitor problem

People come to visit your blog site not without purpose. They find your website through google by typing certain keywords. The keywords they use are definitely expected to be able to provide the information they need. Of course they hope that, through the information they are looking for, they can provide solutions to their problems.

3. Sell and recommend high quality products

Never offer products or services that are not of high quality and disappoint your blog site visitors. Once you do this bad thing, it will certainly have a bad impact on your website. Please note that people who search for information on the internet usually have joined in several online forums. If your website gives them a bad impression, they can write bad reviews about the products and services on your site.

If you follow the affiliate program, do not recommend products or services that you do not know its quality. You must ensure the quality of these goods and services before recommending them to others. Don't make unrealistic statements to get people interested.

4. Don't spam

Marketing that is done virally does provide great benefits. However, do not because you are pursuing marketing targets, you ignore ethics by spamming. You must send messages offering products and services to people in need. To prevent spam, you can create a contact list of only people who subscribe to your content.

How Much Profit from Wordpress Blog?

After doing all the forms of monetization to profit from wordpress for blog, you also need to know the amount you are earning. Everyone will get different results. The amount of profit earned is determined by the quality of your blog content and the volume of visits on your website.

These two factors are related to each other. Quality content will attract people to visit blog sites regularly. When the quality of your site is recognized, the volume of visits will increase. This is a great source of income.

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