How to Choose Free Theme For WordPress Rightly

 Many free themes for wordpress are offered on the internet with various variations and types. Maybe we will ask, why do they offer themes for free. Though the price of wordpress themes ranges from $ 50 to $ 100.

Those who provide free themes for wordpress will definitely get many benefits such as a reputation as a developer of blog templates and attribution credit on footer themes. So they still get great benefits. So no free lunch. In addition, free wordpress themes have limited features.

Because of the many free themes circulating on the internet, we must be able to choose them properly. Many free templates spread with low in quality. This will certainly have a negative impact on the performance of the blog. In addition, the purpose of our blogging activities will not achieved.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Free Themes

Although we do not spend money to get a free wordpress theme, we need to choose the right one. Maybe there are those who don't know how to choose a suitable free wordpress theme for a blog. Of course the selection of free themes must be adjusted to the needs.

Although the needs of each blogger are different, there are at least four criteria that can be taken into consideration in choosing a free wordpress themes, namely:

1. Display free theme for wordpress

2. Speed free wordpress theme

3. SEO friendly themes free for wordpress

4. Review free wordpress themes

These four criteria are recommended by professional bloggers if you want to use a free wordpress theme. The meaning of the four considerations will I describe detail below.

Display Free Theme For WordPress

The appearance of a free theme for wordpress is very important because it is the first impression for blog visitors. The appearance of the theme is related to the visuality of our personal site. Blogs with an attractive appearance will be liked by many people. When combined with interesting content, many visitors will come back to open our blog in the future.

The components that affect the blog appearance include: layout of the free wordpress theme, color combinations, and the brightness of the template. A good blog layout has the right blog element structure, such as a navigation menu that makes it easy for visitors to find the content they need.

The color composition used by the template also needs to be considered, it will provide a harmonious and beautiful color blend. The brightness of the wordpress blog theme is related to the convenience of visitors when accessing our blog content. If it is too bright, it will cause the eyes of visitors to get tired quickly when reading the content. On the other hand, if the display is too dark, it will make difficult for visitors to read our blog content.

Speed Free WordPress Theme

The second criterion to consider when choosing a free theme for wordpress is loading speed. This is important because it affects the enjoyment of our blog content for a long time. When the page loading takes a long time, they will leave it and look for another. Of course they don't want to spend a long time getting the information they need.

The speed of the free wordpress theme is influenced by the elements in the template. The larger the component file, the heavier the theme will load, so it takes a long time to display all blog pages. Free wordpress templates with fast loading times, must have optimized all the components in it, both images, coding files, and other additional features.

SEO Friendly Themes Free For WordPress

SEO friendly needs to be considered in determining the free themes for wordpress that will be used. These criteria are directly related to blog traffic. Handling seo right will have a positive impact for getting a high Google SERP. If our personal page has a good SERP in search engines, our site will be easily found by people and has the potential to bring in large traffic.

Many aspects determine the seo score of a website. SEO for a website has two aspects, namely onpage and offpage. For a complete discussion of seo I will write in another article. This article only discusses tips for choosing a free wordpress theme. Keep visiting this blog to get all articles related to wordpress and seo.

Free WordPress Themes Review

Reviews of free wordpress themes need attention because related to the experiences of other people who have used it. From this review, we can find out the characteristics of a template. We can find out the compatibility of a theme with the blog that we are building. Of course we can also know the advantages and disadvantages.

From a review of a wordpress theme, we will also find out tips on how to use it. If there is a shortage, we can find information on how to overcome it. Everything can be learned from the experience of other bloggers who have used it before.

Free WordPress Theme in Official Site

The official website, namely, provides various services needed for blogs that use the CMS. The two main requirements provided are themes and plugins. There are hundred thousands of themes and ten thousands of plugins available that are ready to use.

You just browse according needs and purposes of your blog. Each item is equipped with complete information, starting from the developer, official source site, reviews, and the last update. We can use this information as one of the considerations in choosing it.

Plugins and themes on the official site are free. If there is a premium package, then what is provided is the basic package which is free. But you don't have to worry, because there are so many choices. You can also see how many active users there are. Says there are many active users, indicating that the blog element is liked and recognized by many bloggers.

Free Themes in WordPress

In the official wordpress site there are many free themes with various categories and topics. It can be ascertained that all blog topics already have templates on the website. Because the website page is a promotional medium for theme creators to be known by many bloggers.

You can choose by selecting a category according to the topic of the blog. Or it could be by typing directly the topic of your blog in the available search field. Later will appear many choices of themes. You can choose one of them by looking at the demo version first. In addition, each template will have a brief explanation of its advantages and asset components.

To be sure to use it, you can first see the website that is used as a demo theme. Check the elements, visuals, and loading speed. The loading speed can be checked using a special site, such as gtmetrix.

You can create several themes that have a speed that meets the standards. Then also pay attention to other important aspects such as layout and available features. Loading speed is not the only consideration in determining which template to choose. There are many other factors to consider as described above.

Free Themes for WordPress

The free themes for wordpress available on the official site are basically provided for the CMS. It is impossible for the official site to provide templates for joomla or drupal. That sites is indeed provided for bloggers like you.

Then what about the themes for wordpress is free for all its features? Actually there are several themes that provide full features but are accompanied by a link to the website developer in the footer. For novice bloggers it is not too problematic. But for professional bloggers, it will look not elegant.

There are also many other user of free themes for wordpress. Of course, we don't download the free theme ourselves, but there may be thousands to tens of thousands who use the same template. This is caused, free themes can be accessed freely by many people. The number of people who use the same theme, the originality of the wordpress blog is still considered low. We lack personality in blogging activities.

Themes Free for WordPress From Template Developer

In addition to getting free themes for wordpress from the official website, we can also get other templates from the developer's website. In the list of free templates, there must be complete information on developer sources and sites to get a complete theme.

When we click on the website link, we will be directed to the developer page site. There we will get complete information. Usually there is a premium version of the free wordpress theme that we want.

Not a few developers are also companies that focus on developing wordpress themes. If you are interested in one of the premium versions and are willing to spend some money, you can choose one of them. Logically, if you feel comfortable with the free version, you can be sure will like the premium version offered.

Theme for WordPress From Developer

Every free theme on the official website is also equipped with detail developer information. This is intended to make it easier for every blogger to explore other themes created by the developer. In addition, communication can be established between the user and the maker of the free wordpress template. In this case, it is a direct benefit felt by users who are interested in using a theme.

What are the advantages felt by the theme developer? The immediate benefit is getting high website traffic through the link that accompanies their free template. If there are people who are interested in one of their themes, they will get a bigger additional benefit. In their wordpress themes, they must have inserted a link to their business page. Of course it is profitable for their business sites because they get quality link credits. Seo and their website traffic will increase. In addition, their reputation as a wordpress template developer is increasingly recognized by the blogger community.

If their popularity  have been recognized by the blogger community, sales of the wordpress blog themes they created will increase. Logically, if their free themes are liked and used by many bloggers, surely many are curious about their premium WordPress themes. If the free version is already very fulfilling and satisfying the needs in blogging, the premium version is definitely better.

WordPress Theme Free From Template Developer

We can get free wordpress themes from template developers either through the official site cms or directly on the developer site. If you want to see all the free themes created by a developer, you can visit their website directly. There we will be presented with many templates with many great blog topics.

There are many free wordpress templates on the site, there are free and premium ones. Free themes also have premium packages that are equipped with more advanced features for blogging needs. If you like a free theme from a developer, I recommend using the free plan for a few weeks or a month. If you are satisfied with the free version, there is no need to upgrade to the premium package. However, if they need additional features, you can buy the premium version.

Blog WordPress Theme Free

Free WordPress theme blogs are widely circulated in cyberspace. I can confirm, surely one of them is suitable for our personal page. The available themes also have a large variety of topics. I can guarantee that you will find the right one for your website.

Then whether the available themes will be exclusive?. Because it can be accessed and used by many people, it will definitely feel less exclusive. Many others are using the same theme. But don't worry, we can modify it for the major display.

We can modify the main color of a theme to make it slightly different. Another thing we can modify the image in the theme header. The font type can also be modified. Other components, can be changed according to our wishes.

However, there is one thing we should not do in modifying free themes. We can't remove the developer credit link. We must appreciate those who have gone to great lengths to design it. They have been kind to provide free templates, so we can't lose their identity and source.

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