Effective Wordpress Blog Theme Free For Traffic Growth

Blog theme is an important element for the professionalism of a site. It will directly affect the visuality of the blog. For WP users, you might think about looking for a free wordpress blog theme. One of the considerations is to minimize costs in blogging activities.

However, it is not only cost that is a concern in blogging activities. The most important thing as an indicator of the success of a blog is being able to bring in large traffic. If not able to generate large visitors, of course our blogging activities are less useful.

Templates for WordPress Blog

When you first visit a wordpress blog site, the first thing you will see is the template. Therefore, you must pay attention to the right template for wordpress blog. It will give a deep impression for blog visitors about their assessment of our personal page. We don't want all our struggles to increase blog traffic, but visitors immediately leave our pages because they feel uncomfortable.

The comfort of visitors will be felt at the first time they open our website page. This means that templates for wordpress have a very big role to create visitor engagement. If visitors like the look and content of our blog, they will be willing to spend their time reading and enjoying every content that we offer them. So we have to pay attention to the feasibility of the theme used on the blog site.

Free Themes in WordPress

There are many sources of free wordpress themes that we can get, one of which is on the official website. In the theme category, hundreds of thousands of free templates can be used. This is a distinct advantage if we are blogging with wordpress. This CMS has a very complete usage support, so we are not difficult to think about the need for our personal page.

WordPress themes for blogging free are provided by many professional and experienced developers. Indeed, the free templates they offer are used as a medium to promote their premium themes. But it doesn't matter if we can try using the free version first. If it is not suitable and does not have a significant effect on increasing visitor traffic, we can try to use a theme created by another developer.
It is certain that the free theme in wordpress has some drawbacks when compared to the premium version. This doesn't just happen to one developer, but to everyone who offers free wordpress templates. Everyone will offer a free version which has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you don't want to buy the premium version, you can choose a free wordpress theme that you feel it fits for your needs.

When I first started blogging with wordpress, I chose a free theme. I made the decision because I just started learning blogging. After going on for two months, I considered buying a premium theme. My main reason, because I want to do blogging activities professionally.

Then is using a free wordpress theme unprofessional? I think it's still professional, but blogging with a specific purpose definitely requires special features in building a website page. Free themes usually have limited features. To build a website with a specific purpose forces us to edit independently. If we have basic coding skills, we won't find any serious problems. However, for people who don't understand blog design like me, it will be difficult.

How about visitors to a wordpress blog with a free theme? Does it have stable traffic? For general wordpress blogs, there will be no significant difference. However, for a theme that is not seo friendly, it is certain that it will be difficult to get large traffic. This is because the blog lost in the competition google serp. We need to know that people looking for information will usually use a google search.

Reasons to Choose WordPress Free Theme

After considering using a free wordpress theme, we also have to determine the criteria in choosing it. Of course it is adjusted to the goals and targets of the wordpress blog that we want to build. As I wrote above, each wordpress template has its own concept so we have to adjust it to the personal goals of our blog.

Criteria in choosing a free wordpress theme for each person will be different. Depends on individual needs. In general, the criteria that are most often considered in determining a free wordpress theme include: 
  1. Completeness of features
  2. Seo friendly
  3. Eyes friendly
  4. User experience, and
  5. Ease of use.
I will discuss these five considerations in detail below so that they can be understood. For that, keep reading this article to the end to get an idea of how to choose free themes to increase blog traffic.

Features of WordPress Blog Theme Free

Even though we are trying to find a free wordpress theme we must still choose one that offers full features. It is true, however, that free templates offer limited features. But as much as possible we try to find the best features that are tailored to the needs and goals of our wordpress blog. Surely there will be wordpress themes that provide some of the features we need. Indeed, not all the features we want are available. For this, we can prioritize the features that are most needed.

For some features that are felt to be lacking after choosing a free wordpress theme, we can modify it ourselves or with the help of a wordpress plugin. For plugins, there are many available on the official wordpress page. We just choose the most suitable for our needs. In this digital age, it's not that hard to find a need for blogging.

SEO WordPress Themes Blog Free

The second criterion that is important to note is seo friendly themes. WordPress blog SEO is very necessary because it relates to search engine result pages. Blogs with high Google Serp will provide great benefits because they have the potential to have high traffic. We need to know that 85 percent of visitors to a website come from google searches. If we manage to get a position on the first page of Google search, surely our blog traffic will be high.

Not all themes have seo friendly features. To choose it, we have to look at the demo version. Next, we check the structure of the theme whether it meets seo standards or not. The seo parameters most influenced by the theme include headings, graphic composition used, layout, blog identity information on the theme.

Eyes FriendlyThemes

Free wordpress blog theme that is eyes friendly has an attractive appearance. In addition, the color composition is very solid and does not contrast each element. Finally, the most important thing is the convenience of visitors in reading every information written in our wordpress blog.

An attractive appearance will give a professional impression and visitors will feel happy with the visuality of our blog theme. Beauty is one of the factors that influence their desire to read information on a site for a long time. Usually, if they don't like it, they will immediately leave a website after reading one to two minutes.

The color composition needs serious attention. Color combinations need to be designed to avoid a blog display that is too flashy. Striking and too bright colors will dazzle the reader's eyes so they will get tired quickly. In addition, it shows that our blog is not managed professionally.

The problem of comfort in reading on blogs is determined by the previous two factors. People will be comfortable and willing to spend a long time can look attractive and the color composition is not contracted. Many blog visitors feel uncomfortable when enjoying content on a site whose colors are very dazzling.

Free WordPress Themes User Experience

Another consideration that must be considered in choosing free wordpress themes is the user experience. We can see the user experience of wordpress blog theme free from ratings or reviews on various sites. There we will see the advantages and disadvantages of some free themes. We read and understand each issue in the review.

Next we can make a list of the problems that exist in a theme and also determine the level of tolerance for each problem. Do this by comparing several themes until we are sure and find the most suitable template. If you feel it fits, you can download the free wordpress theme to install on your blog.

Ease of Use of WordPress Blog Theme Free

The last criterion that needs to be considered is the ease of use of the wordpress blog theme. Even though it's free, we must still pay attention to the ease of installing it. For novice wordpress bloggers, of course, the convenience aspect is of particular concern. It is impossible for us to ask the services of a wordpress expert to help us. Surely we will spend money to pay for the services of a wordpress blog expert. On the one hand, we choose a free theme because we want to save costs in our blogging activities. We as beginners must also avoid the large costs of blogging activities.

Based on my experience, rarely found wordpress templates that are difficult to install. Generally easy in terms of installation. On the admin page, we select the display menu and there is an upload theme option. Next we just select the file that we have got which has been compressed in rar format. The WP CSM system will extract it and perform the installation process. Finally, we need to activate the template that has been installed.

Is Wordpress Themes Blog Free Effective to Increase Traffic

Maybe someone asks is wordpress blog theme free effective to increase traffic? The most influential thing in increasing traffic is the seo friendly aspect. If our site has been optimized in seo, it is certain that our blog has large visitors. Seo will make it easier for visitors to find our site on google search.
However, it should be noted that the large number of visitors from Google is the beginning of the potential benefits that we can feel. The duration of the visit is also very important as an indicator of blog retention. Sites with a long duration of visits have a high retention value.
Bounce rate also needs to be considered. Indeed, the bounce rate is the opposite of blog retention. If the blog has high visitors but the duration of the visit is only five to ten seconds, you can be sure that the bounce rate is high and retention is low. Of course this is very detrimental. If this problem occurs, then the seo score will decrease so that blog traffic is not stable.
How to keep traffic stable? The most important thing is to treat every blog visitor as a special guest. Provide interesting content and a comfortable blog appearance for readers so that they are willing to spend their time enjoying it. Therefore, the selection of free wordpress themes is very important and effective to increase website traffic.

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